dan lamanna

musings of linux, python, emacs, impractical workflows, etc

about me

I'm looking to produce quality software that meets specifications with a team of intelligent individuals.

Over the last few years I have:

  • Worked as a back-end developer at a marketing agency
  • Done research programming on grants from the National Institute of Health
  • Earned my degree in Computer Science

Professionally, I've collaborated on several thousand hour projects, as well as developed smaller "one-off" projects with short timelines.

I enjoy writing in Python, I've worked with (and spoken about) Django, but I also have a bit of experience with Flask, Fabric, and other Python libraries. However, I'm certainly not monolingual; I've got programming experience in C, Java, PHP, JavaScript, SQL (Postgres, MySQL, SQLite), and many others.

My github account is probably the best reference.

On the tooling side, I'm quite proficient with the Linux command line (I run Debian on almost everything), using awk/grep/sed whenever I can and administering my environments using a combination of Vagrant, Puppet and Ansible.

Anyway, if you think I'd be a good fit for what you're doing, why not contact me?