I presented on django at SUNY Albany's 3rd annual Open Source Festival.

  • Abstract

In web development a number of tasks are performed over and over from application to application. These tasks require a lot of groundwork that shifts developers' focus away from the business logic of their applications. These tasks can be abstracted, simplified, and automated to the point where they can be quickly performed allowing developers to get to the heart of the application. That is the goal of modern web frameworks.

Django is such a web framework written in Python. It encourages rapid development of web applications and began as a framework used largely in the news industry. It is entirely open source and community driven.

I will primarily discuss how Django works behind the scenes, such as using the Model View Template software pattern to seperate business logic from presentation code, Object Relational Mapping to simplify database interaction, as well as several pre-built user interfaces that have been integrated to provide a better experience for developers and clients. Altogether this should present a clear view as to how Django can encourage rapid application development, as well as provide value to its users. This presentation will include a demonstration of a simple web application written in Django.

  • Code

The code for the sample application is available on github at https://github.com/danlamanna/django-osf-2013.